Certified College Professional Program

Association of Florida Colleges

The following documentation will be required to be awarded CCP credits:

  1. Core course completion:
    • Certificate of completion for each of the four required courses if completed at in-person events or validation of completed quizzes through viewed modules if completed online.

  2. Postsecondary education credits:
    • Copy of an official transcript, a course description, and evidence of a passing grade.

  3.   AFC/Region/Chapter/Commission meeting or event participation:
    • Verification of attendance and description by Region/Chapter president, or Commission chair.
      1. Certificate of attendance; or
      2. Verification from Chapter/Commission chair.

  4.  College-based or other job-related professional development:
    • Verification of attendance and description from:
      1. Copy of attendance sheet; or
      2. Certificate of attendance; or
      3. Verification from supervisor or workshop leader/coordinator.

  5. Elected AFC State, Region, Chapter, Commission office:
    • Appropriate reporting to AFC office of election.

  6.  Practicum:
    • Copy of agenda and materials used to lead instruction (must be approved by the CCP Chair before completed)


Earning Your Certificate

It is estimated that it may take you nine to twelve months to complete the CCP Curriculum. Upon earning the required 100 credits, you will apply for certification. The AFC office will verify your credit record and report your eligibility to the CCP Oversight Committee. A graduation ceremony will be conducted at the AFC Annual Convention, where each graduate will be recognized with their cohorts.